Panel type SOLO

The SOLO type is a transparent panel of 5 mm polycarbonate and a specially developed patented aluminum profile, in which the plastic rotates in the profile. In a roller shutter application, it therefore rolls up almost silently and has a very small roll-up diameter. The underside of the armor has a double-walled aluminum profile with a rubber bumper. The armor is mounted directly on the shaft. The unobstructed view is 85%. The armor weight is 8 kg per m2. The transparent panels run in specially designed aluminum conductors type 110x38mm and 80x38mm, provided with PVC conductor strips.

Features SOLO

  • Aluminum profile: 28 x 17mm, DIN 17615
  • Double-walled bottom profile: 100 x 17mm
  • Side guide profiles: 110 x 38mm en 80 x 38mm
  • Version: technically natural anodized TNA
  • Optional: powder coating Qualicoat RAL color
  • Elements test: hurricane proof Florida, USA test 2005
height/case size height/case size height/case size
tube 70
height max.:
tube 102
height max.:
tube 133
height max.:
2400 →
3400 →
4200 →
1950 →
3100 →
4400 →
5500 →
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3300 →
5200 →
6500 →
Due to continuous product development, we ask you to contact us for the current dimensions. Larger dimensions on request.

Material specification SOLO

The materials used are aluminum profiles and polycarbonate. Makrolon© polycarbonate sheet is a BAYER product. Makrolon© mono (standard) and makrolon© AR (scratch resistant) are clear, transparent and UV stabilized polycarbonate sheets. They offer exceptional impact resistance that exceeds the physical properties of other transparent materials.

  • Light transmittance: 87% to 90% according to DIN 5036
  • Extreme impact resistance: ISO 179
  • Resistant to a wide temperature range: from -100 degrees Celsius to +120 degrees Celsius
  • Fire behaviour: DIN 4102 fire retardant
  • Aluminum profiles: DIN 1725 (Millcertificate Alloy 2005) patented
  • Element Test: hurricane proof roller shutter: Miami DADE County Florida: NOA NO 05-1005.01 Florida Statewide: FL.5624.

The polycarbonate is available in crystal clear, opal white, bronze and clear structured. Standard quality is for indoor use and scratch resistant quality for outdoor use. Applied thickness is 5mm. Warranty: 5 years against fading and weathering and 10 years against breakage. The polycarbonate is protected with a PE film to prevent damage during processing and transport.

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